Robin Elms, DVM

We want to thank you for helping us send Allie Cat to Kittie Heaven. It was such a relief to us that she could be at home, spending her last moments in her bed, with us. We appreciated your calm and peaceful manner and for making what was a sad time for us OK. Thanks again. Sincerely,
Christy and Pat

Just a note to thank you. Poor Charlie is not in pain anymore. I miss her, I do realize it had to be done. Was very humane.
Jeannne Robison

Dear Robin,
I was too distraught to thank you properly. My sincerest thanks for helping Boomer die peacefully at home. It’s such a kind service you perform.

Thank you. Your kindness with Akja will be remembered- you will be the one who was there.

Dear Robin,
Thank you for being there for Cameron- and for us. We are grateful that he was able to die peacefully at home. Fondly,
Anne and Ben Crimaudo

Thank you for taking good care of Lucky for us. It is very much appreciated for all that you have done. The family of Lucky,
Doug and Susan Littlefield

Hello Robin,
I just wanted to give you a heartfelt Thank You for helping me open Blue’s door to heaven. I could not have actually let him go through until that last week…even though his breathing was labored he still wanted to play and eat like a Polar Bear! Even though Blue showed discomfort in his hips and legs he always wanted to get up and go outside everyday…the day he had a hard time outside to get up and fell and stumbled, he yelped for the first time and was feeling sad he couldn’t go outside to piddle…he told me it was time.

As a pet care professional and life long pet owner and lover, I have had to hold more animals than I care to count while they are humanely euthanized due to illness or advanced old age.
This year it was time for our family to say goodbye to Tiger Lilly, our bad but beloved Boxer. She had been my daughters 9th birthday gift, and her constant companion during her growing up years. At the age of 13 Lilly was experiencing debilitating, painful arthritis, and had begun to have frequent seizures. I arranged to have Dr. Elms come to our house so that Lilly could die in the comfortable familiarity of home. Dr. Elms provided us with oral tranquilizers, and after a dinner of rare steak Lilly curled up in her favorite spot on the sofa and fell into a deep, medicated sleep. She barely opened her eyes when Dr. Elms arrived, so peaceful and comfortable she was. Her death was swift, and I am convinced, free of pain or fear. And there was something else. Something very important. The other dogs were able to know that Lilly, the matriarch of the canine clan, had died. Each reacted differently. Dazzle the shy Standard Poodle sniffed the air, looked hard at Lilly’s still form, and walked away. Poppy the Pug, Lilly’s special friend, sat near her head a long moment… then in seeming resignation sighed deeply and moved away. None of the dogs seemed confused or searched for Lilly in the coming days, in contrast to when pack members have gone off to the vet and never returned. The passage was, as it is named, peaceful. Not just for Lilly, but for her human and canine companions, as well.
We are grateful for Dr. Elms and her service.
Daryl Conner , Master Pet Stylist Appleton, Maine

Dr. Robin Elms is a wonderful and compassionate person. One call and she came to our rescue. Our male goat was at another vet 8 months earlier,his horns was growing back toward his skull,the vet tied him to a stall at sawed away at them,by the time Dr Elms arrived they was ready to go into his head,unlike the last time she talked to us to relax us then she sedated our goat before starting any work on him,after she left we sat with him till he was up and eating.The next morning Dr. Elms called up to check on how he was, not just once but three times,We would highly recommend Dr.Elms, Thank-you Robin for being here when we needed you.
Linda & Stephen Gerry St. Albans, Maine

This lady is amazing. She called me back immediately. She was sweet, wonderful and compassionate. She came early in the morning so my beloved pet would not have to suffer any longer. She helped make the transition as easy as possible. It is a blessing to have such a caring person in the community.

My dog passed away with family and in his own bed. Thank you so much Robin!

She came to the house and was very compassionate in helping us with the passing of our beloved family dog, Jake. She’s a gentle, caring person who’s a wonderful support during such a difficult time. We wouldn’t have gone through this any other way. Highly recommend.